About Us!

Central Southland Squash Club is situated in the heart of Winton on Park Street, directly behind Central Southland Lodge (Winton's Middle Pub). We offer all the benefits of a friendly smaller country club and hold both competitive and social leagues all year round giving all members a variety of playing opportunities. New members always welcome - please contact any of our friendly committee members. A list of current CSSC committee members and their contact details are posted on the front door of the clubrooms also, and we will update these after each AGM.

President: Damian Pulley 027 436 2065 dapulley@icloud.com

Secretary: Hayley McIlwrick 027 279 1644 dwmcilwrick@gmail.com

Treasurer & Statisician: Bridgett Hitchens 027 236 8469 bridgetthitchens@gmail.com

Ladies Club Captain: Steph Allison 027 379 5825 stephaniea@vetsouth.co.nz

Mens Club Captain: Michael King 027 825 9121 kinga_199@yahoo.co.nz

Junior Co-Ordinator: Clayton Hogg 027 405 9041 claytonhogg@hotmail.com

Committee Members 

Alena Howden 027 280 1809 bahowden@xtra.co.nz

Holly Tisdall 027 334 4169 elderholly@hotmail.com

Tim Driscoll 022 076 9093 driscolldairy@gmail.com

Kent Shaw 027 643 3021 admin@shawfixautomotive.co.nz

Jimmy Ferris 027 339 7130 jimmybrainferris@hotmail.com

Lisa Henderson 021 367 902 lisaandduncanh@gmail.com


2020 Committee

Damian Pulley

Bar Manager

Hayley McIlwrick

Bar Manager

Bridgett Hitchens


Steph Allison

Ladies Club Captain

Michael King

Mens Club Captain

Clayton Hogg

Junior Co-Ordinator

Alena Howden

Committee Member
Life Member

Holly Tisdall

Committee Member

Lisa Henderson

Committee Member

Jimmy Ferris

Committee Member

Tim Driscoll

Committee Member


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